About The Corrs

(From The Corrs Official Website, by Barry Egan of Ireland's Sunday Independent, while I write up a coherent profile ;))

The first thing you notice about The Corrs is the last thing you remember about them. Once you hear the music - the physical beauty is largely unimportant.

Their prodigious talent as musicians - as writers of timeless moments in pop - is indisputable. They are Irish pop culture's first sex symbols but they are all whip-smart with it. Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim understand the ten year slog it took them to get to this point of success.

Theirs is a story of great struggle and even greater success - of years of uncertainty and inner turmoil. They remember the dark nights when it looked like their band was getting nowhere fast, when no record company was interested in them.

They remember those times well - the times when only their manager John Hughes, their PR Barry Gaster and their parents seemed to believe in them. For these reasons alone, The Corrs and complacency will always be sworn enemies... despite their unimaginable success, they are not about to rest on their laurels. They revel in their work and its creative possibilities.

- "The Corrs", by Barry Egan of Ireland's Sunday Independent

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