About No Frontiers | no more a life without meaning

No Frontiers is a fan-created shrine for the Irish band The Corrs, and also houses the only fanlisting officially approved by The Fanlistings Network for the amazing sibling quartet consisting of Andrea, Sharon, Caroline and Jim Corr.

A fanlisting aims to bring together people from all over the world who are fans of a certain subject. The Corrs fanlisting has been approved at the Musicians category of the TFL Network since 24 October 2004, and was previously owned by Kay. For more information about what a fanlisting is, please go to http://thefanlistings.org.

Why "No Frontiers"?

In addition to being the title of one of their songs from their album The Corrs Unplugged, I chose this title for the site because I feel that there is nothing this talented quartet cannot do or accomplish, and they will continue to break the boundaries of their talents and produce the wonderful music that they always have; that appreciation for their music knows no bounds. Truly no frontiers.

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